Celebrating Thanksgiving

This year for the Thanksgiving holiday, students created  'Thankful Turkeys!' In the USA, people spend Thanksgiving day with family and friends, eating delicious food and giving thanks for all the good things in their life.  Turkey's are the most traditional thanksgiving food. Our students made 'Thankful Turkeys' to show their appreciation to all their family, friends and positive influences. On each turkey feather, students wrote one thing they are thankful for. Look how beautiful they turned out !


African masks

 "in 5th grade we plan and make our own African masks, following our design"

The human body

4º de Primaria
In 4th grade, in Science,  using different materiales, we have created several body organs and systems! We have used and recycled balloons, strings, bottles, straws... even a T-Shirt!!
Good job!!!